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What is this?

This tool lets you generate a unique username that can be used for many purposes. The usernames generated on this page consist of a range of alphanumeric characters and symbols. The typical makeup of the usernames are short words followed by a series of numbers with some usernames containing multiple words concatenated with periods. Most usernames use names and words that originate from the English language dictionary.

Most modern usernames for online services are often just the email address the user signed up with but in some cases the web service or other app will allow the user to select their own username or nickname. Unlike passwords, usernames are not intended to be secret. This tool has example uses listed below:

- Randomly Creating a New Username or Nickname for an Online Service

Creating a new username or picking unique online nicknames for services can be frustrating but this tool can make it quick and easy. This is especially the case where you want to remain pseudo anonymous and not reuse identities that you have used on other web services.

- Random Usernames for Web Development

When developing apps it is important to test input fields with realistic real-world data. This username data may be entered into web forms to test validation and regex or entered as example test data in databases. With the outputs of this tool you will be able to test a rich assortment of usernames that include alphanumeric characters and symbols that reflect some of the randomness and format of online usernames.

How to use this generator?

To use this random username generator simply enter how many usernames you wish to have generated and the format in which you want the results presented. In most cases you will want to have the usernames presented in ‘Plain Text’ which makes it easy to copy and paste the results. In some cases you may want to have the usernames formatted in ‘JSON’ for computing purposes if you are familiar with it.