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Voluptatem velit architecto qui ducimus dicta dolorem quos eos. Cupiditate illo laborum voluptas repudiandae aut iure libero. Fuga omnis tempore et itaque suscipit est velit. Et et praesentium ut sunt. Quidem incidunt et magni optio. Qui earum et voluptatem est laborum laborum eveniet. Et qui repellendus corrupti tempore consectetur nihil. Officia ex quo officia dignissimos voluptates quis. Voluptate ab quisquam omnis sunt sed quia.
What is this?

This random text generator tool creates placeholder text using Lorem Ipsum. This version of the random text generator allows the user to generate a specific number of text characters, rather than entire paragraphs. This helps to fill up the text on pages without having to write meaningful sentences, which may be tedious and distracting to write. Random Lorem Ipsum text paragraphs can be used to fill in blanks where text is required since they have a comparable character and word distribution to English.

Some sample uses of this generator are below:

- For Design Tasks - Create Filler Text

This tool can be helpful when the design or shape of a notion that displays text is the main focus of your work but the meaning of the text itself is immaterial at this stage. Create many paragraphs of text material in a flash, then quickly copy it and paste it into content blocks that call for text. Because Lorem Ipsum wording has no significance, it does not divert the viewer's attention from the design aspect of your proposal.

- Websites

Long lengths of random text data can be used to test and validate web forms. During the online design and development phase, it is helpful to test web forms and content blocks for content spill-over or truncation. Additionally, observe how various platform form factors, such as reading information on both desktop and mobile devices, respond to different text lengths.

How to use this generator?

To use this generator simply enter the number of words you wish to generate and the format you want the results to be presented in. Most of the time, choosing "Plain" as the format will produce Lorem Ipsum text that is suitable for copying and pasting. JSON is a format that may be used for computer operations.