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Example Output:

(With options set to ‘How many phone number?’ = 5, ‘Location’ = Italy

949 87 6846
997 722633
+34 941-26-8112
What is this?

This phone number generator creates a batch of random (fake) phone numbers based on your preferences. This tool allows you to create false phone numbers from eleven different countries while conforming to international calling standards. The results will have a mix of phone numbers from the perspective of local calling without international country codes prefixed onto the phone number, some with the country codes and others just with area codes. To add to realism, the output is based on a variety of different formatting, for example, having country codes in brackets, without brackets and spaces replaced with periods.

Generating realistic (fake) phone numbers is useful for many tasks, some examples are below:

- Creating realistic sample data for Excel spreadsheets, Databases or Templates

Sometimes a series of random number won’t be sufficient for placeholder data and can look unprofessional. Using a tool to randomly generate phone numbers, like the one on this page, can create realistic phone numbers instantly. Improve the professionalism of your Excel documents and also test the ability of your formulas to process phone numbers using a variety of non-conforming phone number formatting. Fill test databases with realistic phone number data. Also, you can use this tool to fill document templates with real-world looking phone numbers.

- Creating Realistic Props

Making props for film, photography or art relies on accuracy to get a point across well. If a scene is set in a foreign location and the phone numbers do not correlate for that location then it can take the viewer out of the immersion that the environment was intended to create. Use this tool to make accurate localized phone numbers.

- Using Fake Phone Data for Web and Application Development

Phone numbers often that are entered by an end user often do not follow strick formatting standards and can cause problems for systems that have to work with this user-generated data. You can use this random phone number generator to generate phone numbers from many regions in the world with a wide variety of formatting. Test your application’s ability to manage these different cases, its regex and string manipulation methods. Test field overflow and a variety of phone number lengths.

How to use this generator?

Simply enter how many phone numbers you wish to create between 1 and 100. Next, select the location of the phone numbers which will determine the phone number country calling codes. Finally, set the format of the returned results as either plain text or JSON if you have use for this data in computing applications.