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What is this?

The generation tool on this page creates random passwords of varying length with a mix of alphanumeric, numbers and symbol characters. The resulting passwords are useful in many areas as mentioned below. It is an often discussed topic and lesson that truly random passwords are far superior to low quality passwords that include one’s name and other easily guessable information. One of the leading reasons for unauthorized access to accounts are weak passwords. Although admittedly more difficult to memorize, it is always recommended to use high-strength passwords that consist of random alphanumeric and special characters with numbers to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access. Password managers can assist with strong passwords by storing them securely and generating new ones with the attributes mentioned previously.

This random password generation tool has many uses with some listed below:

- Generate Strong Passwords

As mentioned before, the passwords generated by this tool are very strong. You can use these as passwords in web services or as an example and basis for your own passwords. Always remember that your account security is only as good as the password you choose to secure it with. ‘JohnSmith123’ and ‘password321’ are not strong passwords!

- Creation of Web Apps

It is important to test your application’s password validation methods. Entering a weak password with only alphabetical characters is poor practice and a user interface prompt should reflect that. Use the passwords generated with this tool to test your functions and regular expressions to see if it matches a set of password strength criteria. You can also use the passwords as database filler and for the creation of test users quickly via copy and paste of the strong password results.

How to use this generator?

All you have to do to use this tool is to specify how many passwords you want to generate, also specify how you want the passwords to be formatted once created. In most cases ‘Plain Text’ is the function you want to use which will allow you to quickly copy and paste the results. ‘JSON’ is useful for web development.