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(With options set to ‘How many paragraphs’ = 3, ‘Format’ = Plain)

Aut blanditiis quasi fuga eveniet voluptatum. Illo quaerat fugiat distinctio maxime aut ea. Quis necessitatibus ut sunt.
Suscipit architecto quia exercitationem illo laborum alias. Sunt sapiente aut veritatis neque exercitationem aut fugiat. Voluptatem ut dolores alias sequi et et.
Totam dolores dolores dolorem ducimus veritatis veniam. Porro quo numquam voluptatem qui rerum. Magni nihil pariatur et dolorum quia. Nisi ducimus occaecati temporibus ipsam consequuntur esse.
What is this?

This random paragraph generator tool creates placeholder text using Lorem Ipsum. This is useful in filling out the content of pages while not having to create coherent writing which can both take time to create and be distracting. Random Lorem Ipsum text paragraphs have a similar character and word distribution to English and can be used to fill spaces where text is expected. Lorem Ipsum text can commonly be found in early versions of websites and media and commonly denotes that the concept is not quite ready for release.

Some sample uses of this generator are below:

- Create Filler Text for Design Tasks

Where the focus of your work is the design or form of a concept that displays text but the actual text meaning is irrelevant in the concept phase, this tool can be useful. Instantly create many paragraphs of text content and copy and paste it into content blocks that require text. Lorem Ipsum text is meaningless so it is not distracting for the viewer allowing them to focus solely of the design element of your concept.

- Web Development

Test and validate web forms with lengths of random text data. Testing web forms and content blocks for content spill-over or truncation is useful in the web design and development process. Also see how website styles react to varying lengths of text on many platform form factors such as viewing content on both desktop and mobile devices.

How to use this generator?

To use this generator simply enter the number of paragraphs you wish to generate and the format you want the results to be presented in. In most cases you will want to select ‘Plain’ as the format as this returns Lorem Ipsum text that is ready to be copy and pasted. The ‘JSON’ format is useful for computing tasks.