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Generate a whole number within a range.
Minimum Maximum
How many numbers? (1-100)
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Example Output:

(with options set to ‘Minimum’ = 100, ‘Maximum’ = 19423, and ‘How many numbers?’ = 5)

What is this?

This random number generator creates random whole numbers or ‘integers’ between a minimum and maximum value. Integers are numbers with no fraction part to it meaning that it has no decimals. For example 354, 4, 0, and -61 are integers but 102.44 is not.

Random whole numbers or integers are useful in the below cases:

- Remove human bias

Although humans think that they can generate randomness, there is a tendency to select certain numbers over others. Although computers are also restricted in the way they generate numbers and in most cases at best generate ‘pseudo-random’ numbers which are still determined by factors in the deterministic machine they run on, they do a better job of creating randomness.

- Randomise Choice Selection

Unable to choose between a set of available options? This random number generator can help you out by taking the difficulty of choosing away and giving you an instant answer to your dilemma. Assign a number to your choices, set the min and max value of the generator and roll the dice! (Click the generate button).

- Help with a Lottery Draw or Other Similar Luck Game

This number generator can help to select a winner in a lottery draw more fairly then other methods. Set the minimum value to ‘1’ and the maximum value to what the total number of lottery tickets distributed is. Click generate and the lucky winner is picked randomly for you.

How to use this generator?

This generator lets you choose the range you want the results to fall into. Select the minimum (min) and maximum (max) value and your result will fall within that range. If you are also able to select how many random whole numbers you want by setting the respective field. The result with create a set of whole numbers (integers) that follow the range rules you set previously. You can also choose what format you want your results in. Choose ‘Plain Text’ for no formatting and ‘JSON’ for a format useful in computing.