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Example Output:

(With options set to ‘Gender’ = Any and ‘Language’ = English)

Prof. Ines Mueller, Rita Shanahan, Sammy Anderson, Nikita Walter, Robin Rau

(With options set to ‘Gender’ = Female and ‘Language’ = German)

Wiebke Lindner, Ute Heim B.Sc., Danuta Kaufmann-Schultz, Kirstin Kopp-Unger
What is this?

This random name generator allows the user to generate random names based on gender and language while outputting the results to a format of your choice. Create random names with tens of thousands of possible first and last name combinations. This tool will save you time and effort where any number of random names are required. This page allows you to create realistic names in ten different languages including English. To improve real-life accuracy, the generator will also occasionally add prefixes to names such as ‘Miss.’, ‘Dr.’, ‘Prof.’ and also add suffixes such as ‘Jr.’ and ‘MD’ where appropriate.

- Localized Random Names

Whether story-telling or needing random name data for databases, it can be challenging to create names from languages that are unfamiliar to the author. That is why this tool has the option to select the desired language of the returned results. Take the stress and time out of name formation for foreign names by using the tool on this page.

- Database and Spreadsheet Filler

Trying to come up with names on your own can seem impossible. It is possible to make a few dozen but then you may find yourself repeating names even though there are estimated to be thousands of names in common use in just English alone. Use this tool to quickly generate names for web form testing, web development tasks and spreadsheet filler where needed. It is important to test names that include uncommon characters that may be present in romance languages such as Spanish and German, as well as non-latin character sets from Cyrilic languages and others. The prefixes and suffixes in this name generation tool also provide varying lengths to test overflow cases.

- Fictional Character Creation for Stories

Another common use for this tool is to generate fictional character names for stories you may be creating. It can be difficult to brainstorm names for characters, let this tool do the work for you. You may just be looking for a name to be the inspiration for your next character. Let this tool inspire your next character!

How to use this generator?

It is simple to use this tool. Simply select how many name you want to generate, the minimum being a single name and maximum being 100 randomly generated names. Next, select the gender of the names you want to be randomly generated. You can generate both male and female names if the ‘Any’ option is selected. The next step is to select the language of the names you want to generate. Keep in mind that names generated using languages that do not use the latin alphabet, such as Chinese (Mandarin) or Korean will yield results with names using that language’s native character set.

Finally, select the format of the names that are returned as results. Most commonly you will want names returned in the ‘Plain’ format, if you understand the computing uses for JSON, use the ‘JSON’ format.