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What is this?

The random domain name generator on this page creates randomized domain names. Domain names are in essence the websites “names” that you see in your browser e.g. google.com. They are used to identify online services on the internet and are also closely associated with email. Domain names are case-insensitive.

A domain name is composed of the TLD or top-level domain that is often seen to be ‘.com’, ‘.org’ or ‘.info’. These TLDs are controlled by administrative authorities that put rules in place for how these domains can be used. The second-level domains are what ordinary people and businesses can register in order to get an online presence. This second-level domain, for example, would be to the left of the dot in ‘.com’. Although heavily randomized, it is possible that it will generate a domain from the component parts that does represent an actual domain name. This is due to most of the single or two-word domain names being registered already.

- Brainstorm Your Own Domain Name

It can be difficult to think of a domain name for a service that does not have a name yet. The domain name, if you find one good enough, may even be so much of an inspiration that you choose it as the name of your online service. Combinations of top and second-level domains can yield interesting results. Keep in mind that it is difficult to get your first choice of domain name as it is estimated that over 330 million domains have been registered as of 2017.

- Data Filler

If you are building a web app or other service and need a large variety of randomized domain names, use this tool to generate them en masse.

How to use this generator?

Operation of this domain name generator is very simple, just enter the amount of domain names you wish to generate and then select the format of results that form the output. Use ‘Plain Text’ as your first choice as it presents the results in a very readable way. Choose ‘JSON’ for computer related tasks.