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(With options set to ‘How many company names?’ = 5, ‘Location’ = United States)

Bernier PLC
Sawayn and Sons
Nitzsche, Ankunding and Ritchie
What is this?

The random generator on this page allows the user to generate a set of random fake company names. The company names take many forms but generally follow the family name-style of company naming. The generator adds concatenation hyphens in partnership company names and suffixes such as ‘Inc’, ‘Ltd’ to company names. This tool also allows for localization to create company names that are not based in English. Such a localization example would be for Germany which often suffixes their company names with ‘GmbH’. A total of ten country localizations are supported by this random company creation tool.

There are many examples of uses for this tool, some are listed below:

- Fiction Writing

It can be a difficult task to think of company names when crafting a fictional story. Background information or companies central to the story require realistic looking company names. A area of the plot may interact with a company but you have not yet created a name for this company. Use this tool to create a sample selection of company names from which you can draw inspiration and use it as a tool for your world building activities.

- Application Testing

Like many of the other random data generators on this website, you can use this tool to create realistic random data to fill into and test application elements such as web forms and databases. It is important to test fields such as the company input field for unusual company names which vary greatly in length and use of special characters. By testing the company field with realistic data you can find and isolate instances of text overflow or truncation which can spoil the design of your app’s interface.

How to use this generator?

Using this tool to generate company names is quite simple. Simply specify how many company names you wish to generate, the minimum is a single name and one-hundred is the maximum. Next, select the location of the company names, essentially where they would have had their foundations. This option will determine the language, prefixes and suffixes of the company names, as well as the character set used. Keep in mind that setting a location to a country that does not use the Latin alphabet will not use latin characters in their company names. Lastly, select the format in which you want your results presented. ‘Plain Text’ is the default and most common method for showing the results. ‘JSON’ is useful for computing applications.