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Generate a barcode based on EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN-13 or ISBN-10.
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(With options set to ‘Barcode Type’ = EAN-13, ‘How many barcodes?’ = 5, ‘Format’ = Plain Text)

What is this?

This tool generates random barcodes that are a machine-readable representation of data. They can be used to track and identify products. Barcodes are often used in conjunction with scanners, which can quickly read the barcode data and transmit it to a computer for processing.

Barcodes are useful because they can encode a lot of information in a small space, and they can be read quickly and easily by machines. This makes them ideally suited for applications like inventory tracking, where large numbers of products need to be identified and tracked quickly and efficiently.

There are many different types of barcodes, each with their own purpose and set of limitation - usually around a maximum number of characters and if those characters can be alphanumeric or not. This tool can generate a variety of different barcode types commonly found in practice.

Some sample uses of the random barcode generator are below:

- Test Barcode Scanning Hardware

Generate a printout of a variety of barcodes and test that your barcode hardware is able to read them correctly. Also, see if the barcodes can be read into software correctly and special hardware configurations do not introduce troublesome characters into the inputs.

- Create Random Barcodes for Internal Tracking

Use this tool to generate barcodes that you can print and place onto assets that require to be tracked by a unique identifier.

How to use this generator?

Generating random barcodes can be helpful in many applications.

Select the type of barcode you want to generate, enter how many barcodes of this type you want to generate and then the format of those barcodes. ‘Plain’ generates random barcodes strings that conform to the standards of the barcode type you have selected. ‘JSON’ creates barcodes in a format that is useful for computing applications.