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Generate realistic random text, numbers, computing data and much more!

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Datarandom gives you the tools to create high quality random data that is unique and well-formed. Use in databases, web forms, spreadsheets or other data entry.

This website is constantly being updated so bookmark and visit again soon.

Datarandom is all about quality random data

It is important to load 'high quality' random data into your work and apps you develop in order to emulate a real-world production environment. The tools on this site will also help you fill spreadsheets.

Datarandom tries to make this as easy as possible by providing an optimised browsing experience for both desktop and mobile. The mobile version of this site is made to look and feel as close to a native mobile app as possible. After all, this site was made in response to the big and clunky random generator sites that are difficult to use.

Why realistic random data?

It isn’t good enough to mash buttons to generate input or to copy and paste the same meaningless, unrelated characters over and over again into your work. In order to properly test the form and function of your work, whether that be a website, application or spreadsheet, it is important to enter expected data at some point. This will highlight errors and stop data bias from the human behind the keyboard.

Generator types

Datarandom offers a range of neat data creation tools for common use cases:

Text Data Generators can be very useful for filling out projects or pre-production websites that feature blog posts, forms, user profile data and to fill out other areas were content is soon to be.

Number Data Generators are useful for those that want to fill forms, excel spreadsheets, make randomness in tabletop games, generating a random number set or even those just after a coin flip.

People Data Generators are excellent for filling profile data in forms while testing pre-production websites, get a name for the character in your story or even just trying to find a good name for your new dog.

Place Data Generators will focus on data around geographic locations. Users can save a lot of time and enjoy realistic, highly varied random addresses for use in address input fields for websites, excel spreadsheets and databases.

Computing Data Generators on this site can help users in the process of testing their applications. Our generator can make high quality, unique and realistic data which can enrich the testing process. Emails, IP addresses, URLs and even valid HTML code can be returned.

… and more data types are being developed!


Future development updates will feature localisation options, support for languages other than English and a wide variety of output formats such as tables, JSON and XML. There will also be an expansion of the range of data that will be generated, including the ability to randomise input. There will also be a big expansion to the flexibility of name generation where users will be able to choose whether to include prefixes, suffixes and names based on a geographic location.


V1.3 Added more descriptions and example scenarios to most random generation pages.

V1.2 Added localisation to some generators. Added JSON output type.

V1.1 Added copy to clipboard button on result pages. Minor interface tweaks.

V1.0 Initial launch. Keep checking back, more is on the way!